Friday, May 30, 2008

Estes Park - take 2

What can we say, we LOVE the outdoors.  This time we were above 9,000 feet and the snow hasn't melted so our hike was extra cool! 

Pikes Peak - Elevation 14,110 feet & Garden of the Gods

Josh and I spent a weekend alone in Colorado Springs and we hiked Pikes Peak and walked around the Garden of the Gods.  Our friends Craig and Melissa joined us.  Here a few pics from the weekend. 

Hiking in Horsetooth

We bought Collin a Kelty Kids pack and we tried it out at Horsetooth Reservoir - he loved it!

Fun in Fort Collins, CO

We took Collin to CSU in hopes that mommy can convince him that college is cool!  I think its working. 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

We are now in Colorado as we make our way west to Japan.  We arrived on Monday and eager to enjoy all the outdoor activities we wasted no time in taking in the sights.  Here are some pictures from Collin & Josh's first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.
As every experienced hiker knows, you must fuel before the big hike.  
Don't be fooled, Collin requires a lot of fuel to keep his cuteness up and Grandma was super happy to help him out. 
Watch out ladies, these here are mountain men!
Mama's little hiker.

The Wallace's
Collin was pooped and was so happy to add dead weight to Daddy's load. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Collin is 6 months!!

Chillin' at Aunt Mandi's for my 6 month b-day

All my TN relatives

Collin with Grandma Wallace
Grammy & Aunt Nevaeh with Collin
Granddad & Collin
Aunt Mandi & Collin

I'm related to these folks?

Yes, we are homeless

And when you are moving across the world hotels are your new home.
The house has been rented and well, Collin has the best bed in our hotel.
He still isn't convinced that he has the best bed.
Nothing like a tasty snack of toes to keep Collin's spirits up.

Yes, we are homeless

Our house is rented and Collin has the best bed in 

Journey to Japan

As most of you know we are heading to Japan for 3 years but before we make it to the island we are visiting family in TN and CO.  I will try to post as often as I can and as the internet is available.