Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Playgroup Fun!

Introducing Whiskey!

Both Collin and Whiskey aren't too sure about each other but little do they know that they will become BFF's!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Are you happy to finally be home?

Happy Father's Day


Collin's first taste of McDonald's french fries and what is even better is that its Japanese french fries, so they are REALLY good.  

Collin's new friend- Kiera

Kiera is Collin's Mommy board friend and they are quickly becoming BFF's.  Kiera is adorable and Collin can't get enough of her. 

Welcome to Okinawa, Japan

We have been on the island since 5 June and life has been crazy.  We have just moved into our house and we are waiting for our furniture delivery.  Which won't be till the 28th!  The good news is that we have some government furniture (sofa, coffee table, recliners) so it isn't that bad.  Since arriving on the island we have gotten our driver's licenses, purchased cars, moved into our new house, and made some really cool friendships.  I think we are really going to enjoy our time here. We are sending you all lots of hugs and kisses!  

The Wallace Family by the Sea of Japan

Strolling by the Ocean

My new ride a Toyota Raum
Casa de Wallace

Friday, June 13, 2008

It was a long flight

And Collin did really well.  He slept and played the entire way.  Now only if the other kids were just as good. 

Welcome to Seattle - Coffee anyone?

Because our flight to Japan left so early in the morning we flew in the night before to get a good nights rest.  Collin enjoyed the bed! 

Boulder Flatirons

This was our toughest hike while in CO.  We all made it to the top!!