Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Collin swallowed a NICKEL!!

Yes, he did!  Collin swallowed a nickel and in most situations it wouldn't be a big deal but it got lodged in his esophagus and caused a great deal of pain, vomiting, and drooling for Collin.  Collin ended up having emergency surgery (anesthesia and all) to remove it.  We spent the night at the hospital and I am happy to report that he doesn't remember a thing and is just as happy as can be right now.  I'm doing well, just exhausted and so happy that he is doing just fine. Here are some pictures for you!  The first one is the endoscopy they performed to remove the nickel.  The top left picture is the nickel, the top right is of his stomach.  They pushed the nickel down to his stomach and then used a basket to retrieve it.  The bottom left is of his esophagus, showing the swelling and some site bruising.  


heidi62613 said...

Oh my. How tramatic for you. I am glad he is doing all right. Great pictures.

Shannon & Jon said...

Holy crap. That's crazy. I'm so glad he's okay.