Monday, February 15, 2010

I know, I've been slacking

Here are some pictures starting with where I left off to today. 

For Halloween Collin got a new wagon.  He felt like he needed to pull it.  He doesn't pull anymore, he just rides now. 

Collin was T-I-GG-ER for Halloween. 

Some more pictures from his 2-yr photo shoot. 

On Collin's actual birthday, we were surprised with a quick visit from Daddy.  We were sad when he had to leave the next day.  

Collin was showing us his dance moves at his birthday bash.  

He loved the bounce house I rented.  I will be doing this again! 

He was getting annoyed with the paparazzi!! 

Hiking up at Torii Beach.  

Daddy deployed again.  Its getting harder now.  Collin is more aware of Daddy leaving and it breaks my heart to hear him always asking for Daddy. 

For Valentines Day Collin's school had a pony come to meet the kids.  Collin was very excited plus he actually held the rope as we walked to the park.  

Collin feeding the horse. He really wasn't sure about it but he had fun and yes, he did try to eat the carrots himself. 

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